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Yoga is a great way to connect with the body, mind, and soul. It relieves stress and tension, stretches stiff muscles, builds strength, improves balance, relieves pain, improves mental health, and so much more. Our classes are always beginner friendly!

Please pre register as spots are limited!


Yoga For All

The perfect balance of stretching and strengthening in this class for everyone. Modifications will be available to meet everyone's needs and abilities. Suitable for all levels!


Ready to feel some fire as we flow and build strength in muscles that you didn't even know were there? Then this is the class for you! Best suited for intermediate or advanced yoga levels!


For the mama to be! We take extra care and mindfulness of the many changes that the body goes through in pregnancy. Modifications will be provided! 


Find your favorite relaxing poses here and invite some gentle stretches to the body. A slower paced class with soft calming music. Suitable for all levels!


Grab your partner! This class is a ton of fun as we work together in some challenging poses. It's really like the ultimate trust fall! Best for intermediate or advanced levels!


For those of us looking for a little more peace of mind and spirituality. We incorporate breath work and intention into our mindfulness practice. Open to all levels!

Kundalini Yoga Lotus

I had such a great first experience at the Thursday night Rest and Restore Yoga at Bloomin Wellness Center! It was such a good pace for relaxing and really getting into the poses. I can't wait to come back again for yoga and also looking forward to the other services this center will offer. Thanks for a great class Nikki and bringing the center to Bloomsburg!


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