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Massage Table

Massage Therapy

    Whether you are looking to relax and de-stress or looking for pain management there is a type of massage for you. It can help with anxiety, depression, lower blood pressure, improve sleep, reduce muscle tension, relieve headaches and migraines... and the list goes on and on. I tailor every massage to fit my clients individual needs and listen to what their body is really saying. I pride myself on creating a relaxing environment so that the moment you walk in you are already more at ease.


Get ready to let out a much needed sigh as you lay on the heated massage table and your therapist uses soothing flowing strokes to release overall tension in sore muscles. 


Using special suction cups your therapist massages and lifts the soft tissues to create space and increase blood flow to the area. This releases tension in the body and leaves a truly lasting effect. 


For the mommy to be, a relaxing massage using extra cushions to make her extra comfortable. Special care is taken to ease achy muscles and reduce any swelling she may be experiencing. 

Deep Tissue

For those ready to get those knots really worked out. Your therapist will use deeper pressure and release trigger points within the muscles.

Hot Stone

Using special lava stones that are heated to a soothing temperature your therapist massages the muscles and make knots melt away like butter. Perfect choice for those chilly winter days. 

Energy Therapy

From Reiki to Reflexology, Acupressure, to Craniosacral. Through healing touch we can bring the body's energy system back into balance.

What Our Clients Say

Back Massage


"Nikki gives the best massages! She melted away all my knots and left me feeling like I floating on air. Her style of massage incorporates breath work which is a very nice touch!"

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